27 April 2006

Another reason to take Ziplocs on your road trips

...because they make the best barf bags. Lisa provides the gory details, in case you're not convinced. Read on if you must.

On a recent car trip, we found yet another use for the omnipresent Ziploc bags. The gallon size makes a great container for small children to vomit into as you try desperately to find a place to stop.  They can even close and open the bag if it's the one with the plastic slider on top, which keeps the liquids--and the smell--isolated.

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but good idea

Remember to put a paper towel or two at the bottom to reduce on splashing :-)


It's amazing how much vomit a 6yo's lap can hold. Found that out on our last road trip! Next trip: Ziplocs =)

on our last trip our 3 year old came down with the flu (and threw up in the rental van) - after cleaning ~that~ up we stopped by a store and got a pack of the GladWare food keepers with lids just in case. I thought about zip top bags but wasn't sure how well she'd hold it open to use plus the plastic storage container is closer to the "bucket" (larger plastic container) the kids keep next to them at home if they're feeling nauseas. Luckily we didn't need them but I'll definitely keep the zip top bags in mind.

I have discovered the hard way that some generic zip bags leak. So, if you use a ziploc, make sure it is the real ziploc or test the ones you have to make sure they will not leak everywhere. For long trips, we learned that an icecream bucket with a Wal-Mart bag inside works well for a trash can. It slides right under the seat and can double as a barf bag if necessary. It is already bag-lined and may even already have paper towels in it to soak up fluids!

We use an empty gallon container with the top cut off. It has a handle that little hands can hold and plenty of room inside for whatever little stomachs can't hold!

I have many *fond* memories of looking for grocery bags under the seat and telling my parents that yet again I was carsick. Thankfully now I get to sit in the front and drive half the time, and neither of my kids seem to have inherited my tummy.

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