Computer programming for kids

Pre-parent hacker Brian (baby due in July) wanted to share something with the "other geek parents out there": I am a computer programmer by trade, and have often thought about how daunting it might be to teach my children “what daddy does." / has a programming environment designed specifically for kids that is packed with […]

Baby food fruit sweetens smoothies

Here's how Michelle uses up baby food fruits: I have a pantry full of baby food that we never got around to using when my son was younger, mostly the fruit varieties. My son is now 22 months old and has outgrown the jars. I figured out a way to not let it all go […]

How to keep a hat on your baby’s head

Here's how Caley keeps a hat on her baby: My 9 month-old son loves to take his hats off during our walks. Until today, I was CONSTANTLY having to stop every couple of minutes to pick his hat up off the ground and return it to his head. Short of buying him a bonnet or […]

For the inevitable “bloody mess”

From Jennifer, in the "why didn't I ever think of this" department: I have a handful of black and navy washcloths that I save for cuts, scrapes, and bloody noses.  When I'm wiping up the kids (now 3 and 5), they don't have the added trauma of seeing their own blood on a washcloth.  Since […]

Pasta and juice that contains protein and vegies?

Kristen (Cool Mom Picks, Motherhood Uncensored) seems to have read my mind in the protein-and-vegie department: 1) For kids not eating enough protein but who love their pasta (or mac n' cheese), try Barilla Pasta Plus – it has around 10g of protein per serving. [It contains whole grain, ground-up legumes, etc. — Ed.] 2) […]

A trick for getting medicine into babies

Via Sara: The nurse at our pediatrian's office taught us a trick to get infants to swallow medicine: blow in their face. It surprises them so much they swallow as a reflex. We also used this, with moderate success, to surprise our little girl out of a crying loop. We call it "the reset button." […]

MetroDad’s Jedi parenting tricks

Pierre, AKA MetroDad, is leaning on the ways of the Jedi as he raises his kid. What he's discovered so far: when Peanut wouldn't eat, he put her food in a dog bowl with good results. I don't recall Obi-Wan training Anakin this way, but then, Anakin ended up as Darth Vader. Perhaps a dog […]

Wool diaper covers prevent nighttime leaks

Amazon: Kissa's Wool Lover Diaper Cover

More soft, wooly advice from Tiffany: Another nighttime leaky diaper tip: Diapers do not fit all kids all the time, add the nighttime shuffling and leg bending and, well… even the best fitting diapers can leak. A wool diaper cover (sometimes called a soaker) could be the answer! Imagine a soft sweater combined with a […]