Which breast is next?

Kristina has come up with an ingenious way to simplify nighttime nursing:

I can usually remember which breast is next during the day, but in the middle of the night, I find it is downright impossible.  The old safety pin on the bra strap trick is a good idea, but who wants to fiddle with sharp objects that close to your chest at 3am?  I’ve found the easiest method is to put the baby back to sleep facing the end of the crib I last fed her.  Since she’s already cradled in my arms on that side, I only have to place her down.  Less guesswork in the middle of the night; less jostling your sleepyhead.

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  1. Lauren Snell says

    A friend of mine used a hair elastic around her wrist to remind her which side to nurse from next. Nurse and move it to the other wrist. Much easier than a safety pin.

  2. Allen Knutson says

    My wife can’t remember during the day, and can’t be bothered to wear a hairband. So she tests fullness by leaning against a wall. Quite likely you already have some in your home!

  3. Debbie Chinique says

    Even easier in the nighttime, let her sleep in the bed with you, you only have to flip over….

  4. says

    Ha ha ha. I find when I put a hair elastic on my wrist, I forget why its there and play with it or move it. I find I’m always groping myself to figure out which is the fullest.