Track your kids’ medicine doses

Dana and her partner keep a running log of their son’s medicine dosage, so everyone knows who’s taken what when.

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  1. says

    When my son was sent home at three weeks of age after nearly dying of myocarditis, I had six medications to give him around the clock over a six-month period.

    To keep track, I put colored dot stickers on the bottles, on the medicine droppers, and on a printout on a clipboard. I had a schedule of each medicine, dose, interval, and weaning formula (to slowly release his addiction to morphine). It was stressful enough to deal with a sick baby, but I couldn’t afford to give him the wrong dose of anything–especially when giving heart meds and controlled substances!

    Nervous wreck, anyone?

  2. says

    Actually we pour all our medications into a baggie and everyone takes a handful in the morning with a latte and we are good to go.

  3. imwhip says

    interesting read.

    Leads me to a related topic, does anyone have a good solution for organizing all the medicines in your household. One obvious benefit would be to lock them out of reach of children but are there other benefits ??