Toy catalogues make good travel entertainment

Thereby Hangs a Tale editor Tiffany repurposes toy catalogues:

On your next trip, bring some toy catalogues to entertain the kids. They can rip out pictures of their favorite toys (optional: bring some double-stick tape and make a “wish list” scrapbook), color it or just imagine how the toy works. (Submitted by someone who has spent many a rainy afternoon poring over the toy section of the Sears catalogue growing up, and who gets a thrill when the latest Garnett Hill or Chinaberry arrives in the mail.)

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  1. says

    I second this, and have something to add. When I bring in the mail, I’ll often give our daughter a piece (or two) of the junk mail. She loves to play with it and, that way, I can look at the exciting bills (and maybe even pay them!) while she’s occupied.

  2. Sara in Austin says

    I’m somewhat ashamed, but the little girl’s first book was a fisher-price catalog. (I was reading it, and she just reached up and wanted to look at it — what could I do?? Consumerism, from a very early age.)

    I use the junk mail approach too — and those little cards that fall out of magazines, and catalogs that I’m done with. It seem that whatever I’m reading, she wants to “read” too, so finding a piece of it I’m done with for her to play with is the easiest route.