Spa-ing on the cheap

Olivia shares her pampering secret:

I love me a great massage or facial at a chi-chi spa. I even love a quality wax job at the chi-chi spa. Hanging in the spa just tells me: “I am important enough to spend big bucks to make me beautiful”, even though I have spouse, kids, home, and job to think about. SO, I have put my name on email lists at my favorite spas and salons. Some days, especially in the winter or other down-times, spas will have so many schedule openings that they’ll send out an email blast offering crazy deals. A few weeks ago, I had the offer to get 50% off facials or waxings. A while back, my husband took advantage of an offer for 40% off all massages that day. Yesterday, I got a haircut at a favorite salon for 50% off.


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    SUCH a good tip! You also might want to look around for mom-friendly nail salons in your area. There’s one close to me that offers 50% off Wednesday mornings for moms. They have a whole play area section for the kids.