Scrapblog: does this mean I don’t have to do a baby book?

ScrapblogMy son’s in kindergarten, and I haven’t yet finished his baby book. My daughter…I haven’t even started hers. Shameful, I know, and I’m wracked with guilt. Could there be a solution, even an imperfect one, in Scrapblog?

Scrapblog merges online photo sharing, blogging, and scrapbooking, which sounds great for those of us who haven’t used a traditional film camera for years. I see this as a wonderful way to inject some creativity into online photo albums, but I don’t see it solving my baby book problem. While the vast majority of our family pics are digital (and are online for friends and family to view), there’s something about feeling the heft of a real book, turning the pages, and eventually passing down a physical artifact. I treasure my grandmother’s dingy recipe cards — she passed away years ago, and these motley bits of her handwriting remind me of her as much as her photos. I want my kids to have something they can hold in their hands. Especially because their lives will likely be even more digital and virtual than mine is. [Via Blogging Baby]

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  1. Kara says

    There is no law that you have to keep a scrapbook. Really. Think of the trees you’ll save. You can’t take it with you, you know. Keep the memories, plus a few pictures in a box or something.

  2. Anonymous says

    I like digital scrapbooking. I make a scrapbook page in Photoshop and then print it out in 8.5×11 or upload it to a photo service. I usually print out one page for our family and one for the grandparents. My daughter likes to go through her book and read the little blurbs. is a good starting place for those interested in such a project.

  3. says

    Well, if you do that you end up like my mom. She has boxes and bags of photos, and you can’t find anything. At least a scrapbook keeps things organized, and it allows you to add a little flair to your photos.

  4. says

    i just went to update my boys’ scarpbooks last night and was ashamed! my second doesn’t have a single picture in his book and i have no clue when he got his teeth.

  5. says

    My solution is to use’s bookmaker. You build the scrapbook in software but actually get it print and bound. The one I’ve done look really good, and I am planning on doing one for each set of grandparents for my little girl’s first birthday. It still takes time to lay all your pictures out, but it doesn’t take the manual dexterity of scrapbooking. :)

  6. Jill says

    Slide those darned pictures into the albums with photo pockets so they’re in relatively chronological order, then get around to beautifying it all if you have time. (Maybe while babysitting grandchildren) I made a point of getting doubles of Baby #2’s pictures so one could go in the family album and one in his own, like Baby #1 had (3 of them). If they ever get further, great, but adding scrapbook guilt to my life sounds like selfinflicted torture.

  7. says

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