Sassy bathtub appliques

In the category of “toys that get played with all the time,” Paul nominates Sassy Count n’ Spell bath appliques:

Our kids love these — foam letters and numbers that stick (when wet) to the bathtub and tile. They invent endless games, from building and sounding out words to stacking towers and “sandwiches.” And for the second time, we have a 4-year-old asking to extend her bath so we can spell more words together on the wall. By far the most-fun, most-used “learning toys” we have.

[I have to throw in my vote for Sassy toys as well. Our most-used bath toy is a silly plastic funnel with a spiral inside that twirls when water goes through. Our son played with it from when he was a year old till he was five. Our daughter now plays with it during every bath. Both my kids also loved their rattles and manipulation toys. — Ed.]

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  1. Allen Knutson says

    We just bought a Sassy Gift Set. Alas, it smells horribly of (I’m pretty sure) phthalates, which were recently banned in the EU for use in toys, probably in part because of their feminizing effects. So, back to the store, and if anyone buys it I hope it’s for a girl.

    (Man it’s sad not being able to hyperlink. Isn’t the captcha already enough to prevent spam?)

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    It is a bummer about the hyperlinks, but spam really is a problem. I figure no HTML in comments is better than requiring everyone to authenticate. I’ll keep an eye on it.