Parent Hacks admin: 100K page views, and 1600 subscribers

I just watched the Parent Hacks stats roll over into six digits — we’ve hit our 100,000th page view. We also have over 1600 subscribers who get Parent Hacks delivered via RSS feed or daily email digest. If we were in a pub, the next round would be on me, and we’d be clinking glasses and singing along with the pianoman. Since we aren’t, let me at least say thank you, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and involvement. I can’t say it emphatically enough.

New hacks are arriving every day, and I’m working hard to get them online. If you’ve recently submitted a hack, you’ll be hearing from me soon. Keep them coming!


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    Mazel Tov! That is really excellent. You deserve sincere kudos for creating such a useful, respectful site. Thanks for working so diligently.