Cut baby’s fingernails while she’s in a front carrier

Sara passes along a tip for easing fingernail trimming: Cutting our baby’s fingernails was the one of the more scary tasks we confronted as new parents: squirmy baby, sharp pointy things, restained limbs. It literally took 4 hands, and even then was challenging. Eventually my husband decided he would cut her fingernails while carrying her […]

No more pacifier poking while in the front pack

Megan solved the pacifier/sternum problem: We found while using the Baby Bjorn (or any carrier where the infant faces in), our baby’s pacifier would poke at my chest and hurt after a while. We bought a pacifier that’s flat on the front so it doesn’t poke anymore! Technorati Tags: Pacifier

LeapFrog discount for Parent Hacks readers

In her other life, Rookie Mom Whitney is the head of Digital Marketing for LeapFrog, maker of what I think are the best electronic educational toys. She noticed the Leapster link in the “Things We Like” sidebar and was thoughtful enough to send along a discount code for Parent Hacks readers at the LeapFrog Online […]

Administering eyedrops to kids

Found this in the March 2006 issue of Parenting magazine. Would have been handy when Luke had pinkeye last year. "To give my kids eyedrops without the hassle, I have them sit up and I very gently pinch each lower eyelid to form a small pouch to drop the liquid in. It even works with […]

More on Flickr photo copyright/fair use

The post about decorating your kid’s room with Flickr photos generated intense discussion (not all of it civil) about copyright and fair use. Many readers and photographers objected to the use of copyrighted images, despite the seemingly innocuous purpose. (Photographer Michelle Jones has written up a good summary of the issues involved.) Throughout, Brian has […]

CD Baby showcases independent musicians

Sara shares a musical treat: I just discovered, which has tons of independent children’s artists (as well as adult ones) AND you can listen to most (all?) of them via a realplayer stream before you buy. Definitely a good idea. “Crib Rock: St. Elmo’s Pacifier” would be a “no”. Technorati Tags: Kids’ music

Make your own buttermilk pancake mix

I love the idea of special Sunday breakfasts, but actually cooking them…let’s just say my bed feels pretty good on Sunday mornings. Good thing I found this recipe for homemade buttermilk pancake mix. All natural (unlike Bisquick), and, once the mix is made, all you need is an egg, a little oil and some water […]