More on Flickr photo copyright/fair use

The post about decorating your kid’s room with Flickr photos generated intense discussion (not all of it civil) about copyright and fair use. Many readers and photographers objected to the use of copyrighted images, despite the seemingly innocuous purpose. (Photographer Michelle Jones has written up a good summary of the issues involved.) Throughout, Brian has remained gracious and forthright, and has since revised his hack to recommend obtaining permission in advance for copyrighted photos or using only Creative Commons-licensed images. He’s also received permission from one of the truck photographers to use the photo, and is waiting to hear from the other two. Meanwhile, he’s taken all three photos down, and his little boy now wants pictures of the Moon in his room.

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  1. says

    My kids are both fascinated with photos of our family, especially when the photos aren’t staged. Best part is, we own the copyright.

  2. says

    Personally I don’t think he did anything horrible. The internet and Flickr is about SHARING, and if you don’t like the concept and/or are extremely worried about “theft,” then you’d best keep your stuff offline. Besides, it’s really easy to put an end to people getting prints from your pictures if you want to: all you have to do is only upload small sizes. End of story.

    Dangling Modifier made some excellent points here:

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    i agree, flickr is not set up very well to protect copyrighted work.

    on the other hand, it is set up extremely well for photos to be used and enjoyed by the public at large.

    it is a trade-off, i think. but it would be nice if they offered a way to buy other’s photos (to, say, decorate a bedroom) where the artist benefitted a little from it.

    i am a professional photographer and know that the effort that goes into making a good print generally deserves a reward monetary, barter, or honor value.

  4. LB says

    I think it will be interesting someday for Brian’s son to read about what a fuss his little truck room once caused. I hope he is saving all this in a scrapbook or blog or something, and that Brian’s son will get a good laugh out of it!