More clever vegie hacks

Quinn dedicates a quadrant of her brain to vegie stealth:

I have a whole category of research in my head I call "sneaking vegetables into my child." My current favorite: Kids seems to be less picky about food they can’t actually identify. I’ve been taking veggies Ada is occasionally amenable to, and using them in pureed soups. Sometimes it’s as simple as a pound of broccoli and some bullion, and then into the blender. It doesn’t seem to work with something she actually hates (ie zucchini) but if I use constituents she actually will on rare occasion eat it works pretty well. Thicker soups work better: more fun, more substance, not quite as much area of effect. Also can serve as a bonus way to sneak veggies into your partner.

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    We’ve been fortunate that both kids love vegetables. Including such “acquired tastes” as asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. Our oldest is very much into salad right now, he wants it with every meal.

    I’m not quite sure what to attribute their love of vegetables, but I do know that we introduced them before fruits. We had heard that this helps (and in our case it certainly seems to have).