Make a cheat sheet of baby’s clothing sizes

Christy figured out a way to remind herself when her son "grew into" a new outfit:

When my first child was a a baby it happened frequently where I would go put him in an outfit that he had outgrown without wearing it even once. Mostly this happened because their idea of 6-9 months was vastly different from my idea or another clothing company's ideas of 6-9 months. Most of the time sizing information is on the hang tag when you buy the clothes, but not on the clothing tag. So once I learned my lesson a few times, I taped a piece of paper to the inside of his closet door and wrote down the brand and their sizing information (like Carter's 6-9 months, X-X inches, X-X lbs.) You quickly see the size differences and you are reminded to try outfits that you may think are too big because of age, but would really fit now.

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