LeapFrog discount for Parent Hacks readers

In her other life, Rookie Mom Whitney is the head of Digital Marketing for LeapFrog, maker of what I think are the best electronic educational toys. She noticed the Leapster link in the “Things We Like” sidebar and was thoughtful enough to send along a discount code for Parent Hacks readers at the LeapFrog Online Store:

Enter SPRINGLEAP15 for a 15% discount till July 1, 2006. (Feel free to pass this along.)

LeapFrog toys will always have a special place in my heart because they choose electronic music that’s acceptable to adult ears. For example, The LeapStart Learning Table is all jazz, with slide trombones and fiddles. (Unfortunately, it’s out of stock at the moment — check the link in a day or two.)

Note: The Leapster link in the sidebar goes to Amazon — if you’d like to use the discount code, you need to buy it directly from LeapFrog.

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  1. Scott Severtson says

    Not do be a downer, but we’ve had severe reliability problems with some LeapFrog products in the past; random lockups, audio glitches, incorrect page repeatedly selected, etc. Many sessions ended up in tears, even after repeatedly cleaning the cartridges, and sending one unit in for service. Both units were unceremoniously thrown away, rather than inflict pain on some unsuspecting thrifter’s child.

    When they did work, they were wonderful learning toys, and I hope they’ve fixed the glitches we experienced.