Homemade, washable baby wipes

This may be the only reason to buy a wipe warmer. Here’s how Meghan uses one to keep her homemade baby wipes bum-ready:

We make our own baby wipes using cheap baby washcloths (e.g. Gerber) and a wipe warmer. We put some water in a wipe warmer and it keeps the wipes moist and warm. We have a pile of washcloths and wash them along with the cloth diapers (usually every other day). For now, since our daughter is a newborn, we use plain water. As she gets older, we’ll add a dash of baby cleanser to the water. Works like a charm! Be sure to use the cheap-o washcloths — they’re thin and flimsy and perfect for butt-wipin’!

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  1. Scott Severtson says

    A couple drops of Tea Tree oil in the water can help prevent mold/bacterial growth in the warm, moist environment of a wipes warmer. Or, just use Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree soap in your mix.