Free formula samples

Chris passed along a big money-saver:

I learned from our nurse practitioner that we can get free formula from our local children’s health center. It turns out formula companies are always dropping off far too many samples, including large tubs of the powder to make formula. I checked this out with a few other locations not related to my town’s health center, and they reported the same thing. This formula retails for $20 in stores, so getting free tubs of it makes for a quick cost savings. (We breastfeed and supplement with formula when he wants more than my wife produces).

[I found this to be true at our pediatrician’s office as well. I didn’t need the formula, so I picked up several cans with their permission and donated it to our local food bank. — Ed.]

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  1. Parent Hacks Editor says

    It’s a pediatric practice. Chris clarified that in an email to me, and I forgot to mention it. My mistake.

  2. Melissa says

    I have a few extra tips on the formula. My son is on the Alimentum from Similac because of stomach problems. I called similac and told them that while I was a member of the welcome addition club(, they didn’t send samples of the formula my son needed they agreed to send me 6 8oz powder can (1/2 the size of the normal can) for free! This is in addition to the samples from the ped’s office. Also call you health insurance company, many of them will cover and deliver to your door formula if your child is on a special formuls by medical reccomendation. The doctors office may need to make a call or fill out a form for you, but many are more than willing to do so!
    Many of the formula companies send out samples and have special clubs. You don’t need to be the birth mother to join. They offer checks and samples and some bonuses to! try Enfamil (
    Carnation Good Start ( The 1-800 #’s for the companies are on the websites. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask for free formula, the most they can do is say no!