Duplication rules

Along the lines of the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Kittens, kittenpie suggests:

Duplication! Buy spares. Why? When we left our daughter’s “doggie” toy at the nanny’s, she still had another at home to sleep with. When she puked on her mittens, I had another pair for the next day. (If you buy two pairs of mitts in the same colour, you can lose two and still have a pair. Or wash one and still have warm hands!) When she ripped the ties off her hat, I put on the other one and fixed the old one when I had time. Duplication rules.

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  1. duddette says

    my friend does this, and we were about to, when i thought, hmm, why get them so attached to one thing, why not get them used to change instead…

  2. Jill says

    But once they’re attached, I recommend buying several. One teddy/puppy can be in the laundry, one in the bed, one in a bag with the tag still on for either a serious emergency or a baby gift to my first grandchild! I don’t know what my kids will do the day they find out teddy/puppy has a double, but maybe they’ll never find out!

  3. Becky says

    Yes, buy several, but be sure to rotate them so that each one gets some wear & use. We thought we were being all smart by purchasing a “double” of our son’s small stuffed doggy but we made the mistake of keeping the second one put away in a safe place, where it remained pristine but felt and smelled nothing like the doggy that he’d been mouthing and sleeping with, etc. When the “old” doggy was mistakenly left at daycare, I presented him with the newer Doggy Double and he knew instantly that it was not his doggy and he rejected it.