Diaper cream soothes irritated noses

Here’s how Robyn deals with tissue-raw noses:

Silicone diaper cream, e.g. Barriere brand, is just the thing to protect one’s nose from getting all red and irritated from the endless nose-blowing when one has a cold.  It goes on invisibly, so it’s not like having that white zinc diaper goo on your face.  Sometimes it stings a bit going on, but it keeps the outside of one’s nose otherwise happy.

From what I can tell, Barriere is a Canadian brand. Remedy appears to be a similar American product.

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  1. says

    I second the Lansinoh. I have used it on Oliver’s raw nose and the problem is resolved overnight. That stuff is MAGIC!!

  2. jennyg says

    Please note, the cream mentioned here that you can get in the US has triethanolamine in it. This is an ingredient that should never be used in any baby products, and is being phased out of many, at least in the EU. Lansinoh is a much safer choice.

    This is a useful site to look such things up: http://www.ewg.org/reports/skindeep2/

  3. kittenpie says

    Little pumpkinpie has cried over the sting of Penaten’s lighterweight cream, and I’ve felt that pain myself from moisturizing lotions, so we use vaseline or Smith’s Rosebud salve, which makes her feel special because it is mommy’s. Also, Gerber makes a baby moisture stick that works well for noses and cheeks.