Chris Anderson is a GeekDad

Back in January (due to my habitual sifting through my referrer log), I stumbled onto GeekDad, which, at the time, was little more than a promise of “more soon” with a link back to Parent Hacks. I’ve since discovered (through the magic of Technorati) that the owner of GeekDad is Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired. Chris plans to turn GeekDad into a group blog devoted to “fun science/tech/math/engineering things to do with your kids, ranging from robotics to rocketry.” Sounds fantastic. Subscribe to the feed now so you don’t miss a thing. (I have.)


  1. Mike says

    I think GeekMom IS already out…it’s called Parent Hacks! Carry on Asha and crew; love what you’re doing.