Become an early riser

Getting up before my kids (at, like, 6am or earlier) is one of my secrets for a smooth day. Somehow, everything is easier after I’ve had a shower, a cup of coffee, and 15 minutes with the newspaper. Easier said than done, however, when I go to bed late the night before. I tend to sabotage myself by pushing my bedtime just a few minutes later…just a few more…till it’s midnight and I’ve already set myself up for a grumpy next day.

Boing Boing-er Cory, the king of early-morning productivity (I’ve seen him in action), recently pointed to a simple how-to for becoming an early riser. It’s worth trying, even if you only manage 15 or 20 minutes of alone time in the morning. I can’t tell you how much those moments of silence help calm the internal chaos.