‘Amelie’-style bangs

Finally! Instructions for cool bangs. Thanks, Sara.

After reading someone’s bad experience getting their baby’s haircut at a “kid’s cut” sort of place, I decided to try to cut my daughter’s bangs myself (her first haircut, too, no less). I was very pleased with the results, even though I inadvertently discovered how to do “Amelie” style bangs — straight bangs that look a bit retro and are a bit shorter on the edges than in the center.

  1. Wash and comb hair. Cutting it wet is easier, but it will dry shorter (short bangs help with the Amelie look).
  2. Pull the hair that shouldn’t be bangs out of the way. (I tucked Josie’s behind her ears.)
  3. Comb hair straight up.
  4. Make a straight horizontal cut. (It may take two…)

That’s it! The “in the air horizontal cut” means that when you comb it back over the forehead you’ll get a slight, even curve, a bit shorter on the sides.

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