Sassy bathtub appliques

In the category of “toys that get played with all the time,” Paul nominates Sassy Count n’ Spell bath appliques: Our kids love these — foam letters and numbers that stick (when wet) to the bathtub and tile. They invent endless games, from building and sounding out words to stacking towers and “sandwiches.” And for […]

Spa-ing on the cheap

Olivia shares her pampering secret: I love me a great massage or facial at a chi-chi spa. I even love a quality wax job at the chi-chi spa. Hanging in the spa just tells me: “I am important enough to spend big bucks to make me beautiful”, even though I have spouse, kids, home, and […]

‘Bad or worse’

We’ve talked before about the wisdom of giving kids (especially toddlers) reasonable choices instead of simply saying “no.” On his blog, Patrick documents his version of the “give them choices” mantra. Technorati Tags: Discipline, Parenting

Scrapblog: does this mean I don’t have to do a baby book?


My son’s in kindergarten, and I haven’t yet finished his baby book. My daughter…I haven’t even started hers. Shameful, I know, and I’m wracked with guilt. Could there be a solution, even an imperfect one, in Scrapblog? Scrapblog merges online photo sharing, blogging, and scrapbooking, which sounds great for those of us who haven’t used […]

‘Amelie’-style bangs

Finally! Instructions for cool bangs. Thanks, Sara. After reading someone’s bad experience getting their baby’s haircut at a “kid’s cut” sort of place, I decided to try to cut my daughter’s bangs myself (her first haircut, too, no less). I was very pleased with the results, even though I inadvertently discovered how to do “Amelie” […]

Parent Hacks admin: Tag your Flickr photos as ‘parenthacks’

Amie had an excellent suggestion: if you submit a hack that has an accompanying Flickr photo, tag the photo as parenthacks. That way, anyone who wants to can browse all photos associated with Parent Hacks (such as Amie’s diaper caddy, which appeared here a while back.)

Kid-built furniture

The premise behind imadethat is irresistible: furniture kids can make themselves! [Via Babygadget, although I should have known about this long ago — it’s a Portland company!] Technorati Tags: imadethat

Portable room-darkening strategies

Rookie Moms Whitney and Heather suggest this nap hack: When you need your child to nap in a strange place, such as the Pack and Play in your parents’ well-lit guest room, pick the darkest room available, or the one with the least windows. Then (here’s the hack part), cover the windows with aluminum foil […]