15 February 2006

Wool blanket as mattress pad and protector

Wool-blanket Tiffany suggests kinder, gentler mattress pad that can naturally handle nighttime accidents:

Nighttime accidents + wet mattress = unhappy parent. You can buy a plastic mattress protector, but as my grandma once said: "What? You want him growing up sleeping like he's in a cheap motel?"

She gave me this tip: put a wool blanket between the mattress and the fitted sheet. The blanket will stop any accidents from getting to the mattress. If an accident does happen, just spot wash the area with a dilute detergent solution and sun dry. I've bought blankets from Goodwill and the army supply store and cut them down to size (after I've washed them), but my favorite wool blanket supplier (they practice predator-friendly ranching - very cool) is Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company.

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One of my favourite hacks. I also find that it's extra warm and cozy in the winter, cooler in the summer to have a wool blanket between the sheet and mattress.

For added protection, you can layer a plastic sheet under the wool one.

There are mattress pads out these days that are not as plastic-feeling as the old things.

I've used them on my own bed (during the period when the little one would usurp my position regularly), and found it fine.

(Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, so I don't have the maker name in front of me.)

We have a couple of fuzzy pads that have a vinyl layer in the middle - looking at one now I don't see a brand name, but I think we got it at Meijer (in Michigan). They come in a few sizes, are washable, and do the job nicely.

we do this too. we like the feeling of it, and the fibres are anti-dustmite, if you lanolise them, they are also anti-bacterial. we love wool! http://tinyurl.com/opgpo


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