Uses for baby wipes

Amazon: Pampers Sensitive 3X Wipes 192 Count (Pack of 4)The omnipresent baby wipe can do more duty than just doodie. It can also:

  • Clean fingerprints and crayon marks off the wall
  • Tidy the car dashboard
  • Handwashing stand-in (although we prefer Purell)
  • Wipe down restaurant high chairs
  • Clean shopping cart handles
  • Get rid of deodorant stains on dark clothing
  • Remove makeup
  • Shine up the bathroom sink and countertop
  • Clean dry erase boards
  • Give to kids so they can wipe down the kitchen table after meals or projects
  • Remove smudges from windows and mirrors

I'm sure you have more creative ideas. Please share!

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  1. says

    We use ours for adult hiney-wiping, as well, but then ours are cloth. (And you haven’t lived until you’ve wiped yourself with cloth…)

  2. says

    speaking of wiping (noses): when we were at the doctor’s my kid had a snot-encrusted nose and I couldn’t find anything to wipe with, so I grabbed a gauze pad and something magical happened. Gauze is not only soft and absorbent, but it has a grid of strings that grab on to the crust and pull that off too. I loaded up on them.

  3. Johnny's Mom says

    Baby wipes are also great for cleaning Coach Signature (not leather) Handbags – this is actually recommended by Coach on the care insert!

  4. May says

    Also great for spot cleaning kitchen floors. Put some on the floor, step on them and the boogie. Kids love it and it’s pretty darn effective.

  5. Lissy Farfan Wadsworth says

    Son excelentes para limpiar zapatillas blancas, las deja relucientes y arasa con las peores manchas, sean las zapatillas de tela o cuero o plástico. Suerte!!!