Trinkets distract wigglers during diaper changes

Here’s how Michelle in Asheville, North Carolina distracts her squiggly baby during diaper changes:

Changing an active baby is the WORST!!!  I have found that those little hands love to have something in them.  So to keep them from trying to roll over or scoot out of reach I keep little trinkets in the wipe box (I use a little mirror and an empty travel size bottle). Perfect to keep little hands busy while you make a quick diaper change. After the change is over; she is happy to be off the bed and I can sneak them back in the box and move on. Just my little trick.

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  1. Sara in Austin says

    Michelle — My daughter has gotten more use out of her pretty but impractical silver baby cup since I’ve put it on the windowsill above her changing table, and, like you, hand it to her to play with when I am changing her.

  2. Serrina says

    I velcroed a few stuffed animals above the table, on the hutch – he’s always staring at them!