Tie your baby to a chair! (I did.)

Sacknseat Steps
Babygadget mentioned the Sack ‘n Seat today — a fabric doohickey that converts a standard chair into a baby-safe highchair stand-in. Nice for babies who can sit up but are still being hand-fed. Not as useful for toddlers who feed themselves, as they won’t be sitting at the proper table height.

When my son was little, in a pinch, I tied him to a chair with the arms of my jacket and then scooted close enough in my own chair to stabilize him with my knees.

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  1. Amie says

    My grandmother showed me how to tie my baby in using a scarf when I visited her and she didn’t have a high chair. As long as I sat right there with him I was okay with that.

  2. Jill says

    I have one that is wonderful for traveling. It fastens with really large pieces of velcro and feels very safe, but I strongly recommend sitting right by the baby.

  3. kittenpie says

    If you stick a phone book or two under baby’s bottom, it helps with the ehgiht, and the seat stiall works pretty well, as you can take up the slack with the ties. Your kid can’t be too wiggly for that trick though.