20 February 2006

Sand your Robeez

Robeez Carter offers this tip for prolonging the useful life of Robeez, the super-cute leather slip-on shoes. Brilliant in its simplicity:

When the soles of the kid's Robeez start getting too slick, just give them a once over with some medium-grit sandpaper. It roughs them up enough to restore traction.

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For the bargain hunter -- most Target Stores now carry Robeez knock-offs at half the price.

That's what the Robeez company recommends as well - it's written in their new catalog. They also pass along a laundering tip - re-shape the toe of the slippers with a soup spoon while they're still damp.

a grater works too, as does a few scores or scrapes with a paring knife.

Remember that you can go to consignment shops/sale and get them at a reasonable price as well as help some family out with a little pocket change.


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