Roomba to the rescue

Rachel’s enjoying watching someone else do the vacuuming:

My husband and I purchased an iRobot Roomba.  It was a compromise between the two of us since I wanted to hire a housekeeper and he wanted to save money [Ha! He just wanted the toy. — Ed.].  We agree that this was a great solution for us.  Every couple days we block off an area for cleaning and start it up before we leave for work.  Our daughter loves watching it work its way through a room.  It is not designed for heavy duty cleaning, but is much better than the no cleaning that we were doing before we got it.  With the Roomba and a $30 dustbuster for spot cleaning, our old vacuum hasn’t seen the light of day for months.

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  1. Patrick Olson says

    If you go to “Sharper Image” or a like minded store they now offer a non-cleaning roomba-ish device designed for toddlers. Basically, picture a Roomba with 3 alien heads on top, makes weird noises and lights up. It apparently senses when the kid approaches and scoots off in a random direction.

    My 16 mo old daughter chased it for about 15minutes. It isn’t fast enough to pose an incredible challenge, and it was hard to get her to understand the “catch and release” idea for continue play.

  2. tamarindpup says

    Side benefit of Roomba, especially the ones with remote controls: My kids no longer need to be nagged to pick up their toys.

    All I have to say is the one whose floor is ready first gets to drive the Roomba first, and those legos get put away double time quick. Then the winning kid gets to steer the thinga round the room like an RC car while it cleans.

    My Roomba is worth its weight in gold not only for being a useful vacuum but also as a nag/stress reducer.