Redundant Array of Inexpensive Kittens

Amazon: Webkinz Himalayan KittenRaise your hand if you think Charles is a programmer:

Target had some small plush animals on sale for a buck each. We grabbed three kittens for our daughter, who loves cats. This formed the basis of our Redundant Array of Inexpensive Kittens (RAIK — compare with RAID).

The kittens stay in the car. One hangs in the back seat with her; the other two up front. She can play happily with the one she has in the back. If she should drop one and we can't reach it while driving, we can fail over to one of the ones up front.

This has worked so well there is another array in my wife's car.

As an added bonus, they fit easily into a pocket, to take into a restaurant or waiting room, and serve as good entertainment. With a low initial investment, it is not too heartbreaking if one should get lost or damaged.

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  1. Sara in Austin says

    I love this!! We’re at an age where identical redundancy doesn’t matter that much (except in blankies), so we don’t need a RAIK, but we do use a backup system while eating dinner. We usually feed my daughter before we eat, and then let her play in her booster style high chair at the table while we eat. Instead of picking up every toy that ends up on the floor, we have a small stash just out of her reach on the table. When a toy ends up on the floor, we just hand her another one. That way, we just have to pick toys up off the floor once or twice a meal, instead of constantly.

  2. charles spolyar says

    If you frequent Target often enough those dollar items go on clearance with some regularity which makes redundancy even more within reach.

    On New Years day the X-mas dollar items were 75% off. While the pickings were slim I was able to get several sets of a dozen items to use later on in the year for birthday favors.

  3. Darryl Papa-sensei says

    I have to comment if only for the amazingly geeky humor of “RAIK.”

    Thanks for a good laugh and a great idea!