Pretty food inspiration

We’ve got the Japanese aesthetic goin’ at Parent Hacks today.

Here’s what Beth says:

Food that’s pretty is more likely to be eaten by picky toddlers. This Japanese mom has a fotolog of the beautiful bento boxes she prepares for her daughter.

I admit these pictures gave me a bit of a Martha complex about the lunches I pack for my son (the mainstay of which is a peanut butter and honey sandwich shoved into a Ziploc bag). I’ve never been a “make funny faces on their pancakes” kind of mom, and garnishing isn’t my strong suit. I DO, however, take care when I arrange my kids’ dinners on their plates. I find that small servings (often no more than a tablespoon or two), placed in discreet piles on the plate, go over well.

I did have fun with my son’s after school snack the other day: Stonyfield Farm Banilla yogurt in a small bowl, with a spiral of chocolate syrup on top, and Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams marching around the edge. He got quite a kick out of it.

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