Parent Hacks on TechTV tonight (I think)

Good thing I love to scan my referrer log. I’m getting lots of visitors today via the G4/TechTV site, and here’s why: Parent Hacks is going to be featured on today’s “Call For Help” show, hosted by Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur. Sadly, I don’t get the show here, and I can’t exactly tell when the show is being broadcast. Here’s the showtime and program info — can someone report back here if they see it?


  1. bob kimball says

    Saw the site featured on Call for help today Feb 23. I am always looking for resources to share with parents. Now I will go and explore the site

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Well, welcome! This is an unexpected surprise…I had no idea it was going to be on. If someone feels so inclined, I’d love to hear a rundown on what was said on the show.