Optical illusion minimizes juice intake

Patrick passes along this trick for minimizing kids’ intake of sugary drinks:

I can’t remember where I saw this originally but this would work for limiting juice/soda intake for kids – and maximizing healthy stuff like milk.  Pour the juice in a taller, thinner glass – it will look like you’ve poured more than you really have.  Pour milk in a shorter, wider glass, it will look like you poured less.

Here’s a link to the study, related to alcohol but applicable…

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  1. Scott Severtson says

    Another solution: cut juice 60/40 with water. Extra hydration, less concentrated fructose intake, and a nice full cup every time. However, stealth may be required if the little ones catch on :)

  2. Terry says

    Our rule is 4:1 water:juice. It still has enough taste to make it good for the kid and less sugar to make it good for the parent! If you start it at the beginning… they never know.

  3. Leslee says

    The concept is called “conservation”. Younger kids (pre-k) can’t conserve: you can pour the liquid back and forth between a tall, thin glass and a short, fat one and they’ll insist that the tall one has more. Which is also why kids whine, “He got more than me!”…they think the kid with the taller glass has more, even if you show them that you’ve measured it out!

  4. anonymous says

    Another juice-stretching trick: heat intensifies flavors, including sweetness. Cutting cold juice with hot water allows you to use more water to yield the same net effect of sweetness. (Does that make sense?) I use this trick on myself!