On vinegar for cleaning

urbanMama Olivia uses vinegar for cleaning:

With little people in the house, I am serious about using non-toxic cleaners. Even better than buying non-toxic stuff (love Method/people against dirty) is making your own cleaning solution. I keep a spare squirt bottle filled with my special potion: one part vinegar to one part water. It works for all cleaning purposes. Straight vinegar works miracles on tough stuff like the outdoor grill! Another fun cleaning tip: boiling a cup of water with a spoonful of vinegar makes the food smells of the house go away.

See /www.versatilevinegar.org/usesandtips.html for tons more uses and tips.

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  1. says

    Yeah my mum is a big fan of vinegar cleaning. And I can report that it works really well on dirt.
    On the other hand – I have to suppress a gag-reflex every time I smell a certain kind of vinegar, even ten years after moving out…

  2. Serrina says

    What a great idea! I now feel so much better about the quick clean on my pump just before pumping. Thank you for the grand idea!