Net-savvy Sweethearts

Sweethearts My son was finishing the last of his Valentine’s stash after school today, when he asked me to read the message on one of his Necco Sweethearts (those little heart-shaped, toilet-cleaner flavored candies). I’m thinking it’s going to say "I love you" or "Kiss me" or even "Be mine," but no. His read: "IM me." As in, "Instant message me." I figured I had to be misreading the thing, so I looked through all the other messages. Sure enough, scattered in with "Cutie pie" and "My man" were "Fax me" and "Page me."

The funny (cool? bizarre?) thing is we IM with Luke all the time, from different rooms (his computer is in the basement, mine’s in the kitchen) and from different locations (most often when Daddy travels). Before Luke could read, Rael would IM him smilies and simple math equations, which he loved.

But the idea that a love interest may someday IM him, too…it’s more than this geeky mom can process at the moment.

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