28 February 2006

Minimize juice pouch explosions

<rant> What genius decided it would be a good idea to package sugary juice inside a pillow-shaped, squeezable pouch? </rant> Sandy has an answer:

For the toddlers that insist on holding onto their own juice pouch/bag, it takes about 2 seconds before juice spouts out and gets everywhere. Instead of the fancy "juice box buddies," we use one of the sippy cups with handles. Take the top off and the juice pouch fits in snugly. When my son is ready for juice, we stick the straw in and it works great. We make sure that we take the top along as well so we have a sippy cup to turn to if needed.

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For juice boxes, I just learned about 'wings' this weekend from another parent. Pull the top triangles away from the top sides of the juice box. This provides a handle to make it easier for the kids to pick up the juice box without having to squeeze it. Not foolproof, but better than nothing.

To prevent problems with exploding juice (or milk) boxes that we throw into the diaperbag as "emergency rations", we found the perfect containers (at http://www.pelican.com/cases/micro_k_selection.html), made by Pelican (http://www.pelican.com/). They are hard plastic, and waterproof (albeit designed to keep water *out*, not in). The smallest one happens to be the exact size of a milk box, and the bigger ones hold a milk box and a granola bar and/or mini box of raisins.

Another great sugguestion for when you have to have the "Juice Pillows" is to turn it upside down and put the straw in the bottle. For some reason, with it being "fatter" at top, and "skinnier" at bottom, we seem to have fewer spills, and the straw stays in better.

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