‘Mamas in Blogland’ at Mothers Movement Online

I have two new articles up at the wonderful Mothers Movement Online. In The Blogging Mom Clique: Anyone Can Join, I talk about what it was like to join the community of blogging mothers. Ironically, I began writing the article before I launched Parent Hacks — at the time, I was quietly blogging only on Ashaland. As you can imagine, my article took a decidedly different turn after this site was born! In A Weblog of One’s Own, I outline how to get started with your own blog.

If you’ve never been to MMO before, be sure to click around. The editor, Judith Stadtman Tucker, does an amazing job of collecting links, presenting original material, and writing her own super-smart editorials, all of which focus on the intersection of motherhood and feminism.

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    I love the point you make. Because it isn’t actually a clique, it’s mothers who enjoy one another’s company hanging around together.

    If you don’t enjoy drinking or swearing you probably wouldn’t like hanging out with the people you’re talking about.

    That’s probably the biggest problem I have with all this ‘popularity’ talk. You’re “popular” with the people you enjoy spending time with.