Make your own diaper caddy

Amie put the big bulk diaper carton to good use:

I buy diapers and wipes in bulk at Sam’s Club. If you cut the top flaps off of the wipes box, you can fill it with about one bag’s worth of diapers in three stacks across. Add your bag or tub of wipes and your waterproof changing pad and you have a nice-sized caddy complete with cut-out handles. I even have room to add diaper rash cream if we need it. At one point I considered covering mine with wrapping paper to make it prettier but who has the time? That’s why we need the hacks!

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  1. says

    Show a picture of this please… I don’t understand exactly what you’ve created or when I would use this. Is this for taking on the road or kitting out the baby’s room?

  2. Amie says

    I posted some pictures on Flickr:

    I know it’s not pretty, but it works really well for us. I could see some crafty people covering it in wrapping paper or even white paper and painting or stamping it to match the decor, but that’s just not us.

    And in response to your question, I use it at home only. We have one upstairs and one downstairs in each changing area. Upstairs, it goes on top of the changing table, and we move it to the floor for the diaper changes (Glen is too squirmy for the changing table). Downstairs, it sits on one of our massive speakers next to the older boys’ board games, and again, we move it to the floor for the diaper changes.

  3. Grace says

    I think that I could probably use a box like that to store my son’s cloth diapers, and hopefully the kids don’t use it to climb in (like they do with most boxes :) It’s a great way to re-use a box, and not have to buy a basket. I also use the old diaper boxes to store the kids’ outgrown clothes.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.