Make hot chocolate with the hotel coffeemaker

The next time you stay in a hotel with your kids, pack a few instant hot chocolate or apple cider packets. (Or, pack up a few Ziplocs of homemade hot cocoa mix.) Heat the water in the mini-coffee maker and enjoy a warm, soothing treat before bed.

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  1. jennyg says

    Even better-

    Do what I do (poor grad student experience), and also bring instant oatmeal and cuposoup. Healthier, and you can make an actual little meal. I would bring a little milk or soymilk juicebox to go with the oatmeal, and even save little syrups from the cracker barrel to bring.

    I do always clean out the carafe afterwards though. It’s only right.

  2. Julian says

    I don’t like drinking coffee, but I do love tea. Unfortunately, if you make tea with water boiled in one of those mini-coffee makers your tea will end up tasting a lot like coffee.

    Is there any alternative to the mini-coffee maker? Does anyone know of a portable mini-kettle?