Ketchup at 12 o’clock

Sean says something I wish I had heard about four years (and many dripping sleeves) ago:

As pre-schoolers start dipping chicken nuggets, fries, grapes, small toys, etc. in ketchup, they’ll start dipping their shirt sleeves, too. Put the pool of ketchup on the plate at 12:00 with the kid at 6:00. At any other position, the little darling will reach over the ketchup (but not quite) to get something else.

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  1. says

    so you put your kids in front of their plate 6 hours before their dinner ?

    [sorry, i couldn’t resist!].

    good hack actually. should save us some washing. of course, if we could only get them to use their knife and fork instead of fingers it would work even better.

    ho hum