Jiggly homemade Jell-o

Ebumu writes:

Ever read the ingredients on a box of Jell-o? Then you’ll want to try this real juice version which contains only juice and gelatine, and is no more complex to make:

Fruit Juice Gelatine (recipe from Knox; makes 2 cups)

Sprinkle an envelope of Knox gelatine over a half cup of cold fruit juice in a bowl.  Let it sit for a minute to soak.  Meanwhile, microwave 1 1/2 cups of juice till it’s boiling.  Stir the hot juice into the gelatine mixture, and keep stirring for 3-5 min, till everything’s dissolved.  Done!  Now chill till set.

(Don’t use pineapple juice–it won’t set. Stir in some chunks of fruit when half-set, if you like–just not pineapple!)

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  1. says

    I used to make Rainbow Jigglers (directions: use twice the amount of gelatin) by the panful. Very popular snacks. A layer of grape juice, a layer of mango juice (more yellow than orange) a layer of applejuice..you get the picture. You have to wait for each layer to set. It is time consuming in the sense of the delay between layers, but really doesn’t take very long to do each layer, and if you have the luxury of working at home it really is easy.

    There’s a gelling product for vegans, too, it goes by various brand names and is available at Asian markets, it’s made from seaweed. The texture is less rubbery than gelatin.