Foolproof baby burping

When Dean and Paula told me a belly dancer in a pub in Malvern, UK, taught them how to burp their baby, I was intrigued. How did the topic come up, I wonder?

Before your baby is able to burp on his own it can be a real pain trying to get that wind out. However, it doesn't require endless slapping on the back. Simply hold the baby by the armpits (support head with fingers) and allow his legs to dangle freely. Also, baby's face should be level with yours. Then very gently tilt him from side to side (we call this 'tick tock' and actually say 'tick tock' as we're doing it). 3 or 4 tick tocks are normally enough for that wind to come. We've done this with 2 babies and it works every time, and each of our friends who've tried agree, this is very effective.

Warning! Once you've done the 'tick tock' move the baby out of range of your face!


  1. Serrina says

    I just did the Tick Tock Baby Burping Technique last night! It worked immediately! Feels better than the pat/slaps associated with prior burpings and it’s quicker!

  2. Cec says

    The first time I tried the tick-tock (the day this was posted), it worked like a charm. It hasn’t worked since.

  3. Pogostick says

    This is the best ever…

    This was hard to find in sweden, so i translated the text an many of my friends are using the “Tick Tock”.