Crib mobile sans music

Here’s how Mark gets his baby’s mobile to stop playing music:

My wife and I recently bought a mobile for our 6 week-old daughter Astrid. It’s one of the battery-operated kinds that spins around and plays music. Astrid loves looking at it, and we’re glad we got it… except for one thing. The infernal ditties it plays can drive a parent batty. The three choices we have are Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. AS IF twenty-four bars of crappy ringtone-quality bleeps can somehow make our child cultured or intellectually stimulated. No thank you. We’re happy with the iPod or silence. So how do you keep the mobile spinning without also bleeping? The volume switch has only two settings: loud and not-so-loud. But some friends discovered that if you set the volume switch between the two settings and the plinky music goes away. Hooray!

My daughter’s crib mobile had spin-with-no-music option. Too bad I can’t remember the brand.

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  1. says

    It depends on how the circuit is set up inside, but if the ‘speaker’ isn’t surface mounted I’d be at the wires with a pair of scissors. If surface mounted, I’d get holes in it filled up with Blu-Tak or similar sticky putty and then a couple of strips of insulation tape over the top.

  2. kittenpie says

    I think my Fisher Price mobile with stars had a no-music option, and though the turning was not all that silent, it was at least white noise.

  3. Louise says

    You can’t find a better mobile than the Infant Stim-Mobile by Wimmer-Ferguson/Manhattan Toy. It’s sound-free, has interchangeable picture disks, and is designed to be seen from the baby’s perspective. You’re supposed to use the black & white patterns for very young infants, and the more colorful (but still basic) pictures for slightly older babies. And it’s only twenty bucks. Amazon carries it.