Boob cubes

Nicole passed along this breastmilk conservation trick:

While at work, my friend pumped breastmilk into the containers that come with the pump. When she got home she poured the milk into Tupperware ice trays with lids. When the “boob cubes” were frozen, she popped out the cubes and put them in a freezer bag marked with the date. One cube is approximately equal to one ounce and she could pop the cubes into bottles to dethaw without wasting any milk.

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    We did this with all our food as our daughter was getting away from formula and onto solid food. We’d blend a whole bunch of avacado and make ice cube sized portions. Melt one at medium in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have half a meal! Then we did it with apples, carrots, peas, bannanas, etc. so we have a good variety in the fridge of foods. It means you always have food premade, and in a convenient package for taking it on the road.

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    This was especially useful for me on days when I pumped almost enough, but not quite. I could just add a little to a bottle, without having to thaw 4-6 ounces.

    I also leave a bag of cubes in the freezer at my child care provider. If they have a spill or my son is a little hungrier, they can add a little as needed.

    I did this with avocado too.

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    Chiefs: I would edit “dethaw” to read “thaw,” but that would take the air out of your great comments, so I’ll let it stand. Sticklers untie!