Bathing and washing tips for parents of multiples

Jenness is the mother of 11 month-old, "very squirmy" twins. Here’s her advice for keeping them (and their stuff) clean:

1)  I use a laundry basket in the tub.  [She concurs with Blogging Baby on this tip. — Ed.] It holds both of the boys and keeps them within arms’ reach.  2)  I use a mesh hosiery bag in the dish washer to hold the plethora of bottles and whatnot, that need washing daily.

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  1. hedra says

    We just gave our twins showers with one of those hand-held shower extensions – no stopper in the tub, towel on the bottom of the tub to keep them from slipping (we have twin ‘climbers’), small towels for their laps or shoulders if it is chilly out (wet the towels regularly with warm water to keep them from getting chilly). No drowning risk if there’s no water pooled. Bath seats can be used more safely in tubs without water pooled, too.