Simple time management tips

From “Simple Ways to Save Hours of Your Time” at MSN: To get your kids to help keep the house neat, [author Laura] Stack suggests a system she calls Jail n’ Bail. “If they don’t put their stuff away, it goes in the jail box, and they have to pay five cents to bail it […]

Minimize juice pouch explosions

<rant> What genius decided it would be a good idea to package sugary juice inside a pillow-shaped, squeezable pouch? </rant> Sandy has an answer: For the toddlers that insist on holding onto their own juice pouch/bag, it takes about 2 seconds before juice spouts out and gets everywhere. Instead of the fancy "juice box buddies," […]

TV not so bad after all?

As reported in yesterday’s New York Times, a new study by two University of Chicago economists finds TV-watching to have little or no effect on kids’ future academic test scores. The study says nothing about TV’s effects on their behavior, attention or lack of physical activity, but academics doesn’t seem to be a problem. We […]

Make your own diaper caddy

Amie put the big bulk diaper carton to good use: I buy diapers and wipes in bulk at Sam’s Club. If you cut the top flaps off of the wipes box, you can fill it with about one bag’s worth of diapers in three stacks across. Add your bag or tub of wipes and your […]

Star Wars disco


Rollin’ along in the car yesterday, we heard an old music favorite on XM Kids: Meco’s disco-fied Star Wars medley. It’s like a cheesy cross between the Star Wars soundtrack, the Queen soundtrack from Flash Gordon, and the theme from CHiPS. We bought it on iTunes after we got home, and the kids have been […]

Tote-a-Tot: savior or silly?

While getting ready for a solo plane trip with her two little ones, Olivia discovered the Tote-a-Tot, a harness that straps a baby’s car seat (with the baby in it) to rolling luggage, freeing up at least one hand. As she writes in her post on urbanMamas, she wasn’t sure whether to cheer or cringe. […]

Pizza scissors

Matthew in Seattle simplifies family pizza outings this way: My two-year-old daughter Iris loves pizza, and we often take her out to the local pizza place, but until recently she wasn’t adept enough with her teeth to eat bites off a slice. She preferred her slice cut into little bites. Doing this with a plastic […]

Toddlers and cyborgs: eerie similarities?

John Tolva, who will forever be remembered as the first person to call Parent Hacks "Lifehacker for those who no longer have lives," finds odd similarities between parenting toddlers and surviving a cyborg invasion. Technorati Tags: Parenting