Washable toddler manicure

Our girly-girl toddler begs us for “pretty pink toes” and fingers. She’s too young for nail polish, and we’re not convinced it’s safe to expose her to the chemicals. So, we “paint” her nails with washable markers. She’s happy, and the color comes off the next time she washes her hands.

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  1. Colin says

    Perhaps we’re laissez-faire, but we let the 3 year old have real nail paint on her nails, and let it wear off. It’s the polish-remover I’d keep them away from.

    In any case the coloured marker is an interesting idea but I suspect there’s no going back now.

  2. says

    Watercolors work, too. Noticed my five year old painting her nails the other day with her watercolors. Harmless. Painted other bits too, like the insides of her feet. Gave me a turn to take off her sock and see what looked like an enormous bruise about three inches long and an inch and a half wide. It wiped off, so no worries, but jeez…feet?

  3. Tammy says

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