Viva paper towels are the softest

We’re big consumers of paper towels (as are most parents). We’ve found that Viva brand is the softest for grubby cheeks, and the hardiest for cleaning chores.

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  1. Ethan says

    You can also use these in lieu of wipes, especially with a newborn. Keep a squirt bottle of tap water on your changing table, next to a stack of Viva towels cut in quarters. Squirt a little water on the bum, wipe up with viva towel. Cheap, effective, less iritating to the lil booty, etc.

  2. Jen says

    These are the prefered paper towels for many tattoo artists as well, so if they are okay for torn up dermis, they should be kind to babes.

  3. Stu Mark says

    Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. I buy Bounty, the Select-A-Size. They are the best by far. They don’t shred, they pick up a pretty fair amount of liquid, they feel good, and have a density to them that Viva lacks.

  4. caleb says

    Too funny. My mom has insisted on buying viva for as long as I can remember…who knew one could be a “paper towel snob” – although there is a practical aspect to it.

  5. Jackie says

    Viva are the softest by far and at first I thought I died and went to paper towel heaven, but then I noticed they have the weirdest SMELL! I can’t place it, but it drove me nuts, so I went back to my faithful Bounty. Not as soft, but not stinky!

  6. Stu Mark says

    Agreed, Viva is softer. But softer is not what I want in a paper towel, it is what I want in a tissue, and for that I use Kleenex with Aloe. Paper towels should be hardy enough to stand some finger pressure and some friction. Bounty holds up *way* better than Viva.

  7. Jill Jones says

    We use Viva for pee tents when changing our 3 month old and to pat dry after the wipes. Soft enough for babys’ bottoms!

  8. R.B. says

    I have to agree with a comment above a few from mine–Viva paper towels DO smell–especially here with well water!! It was so bad that we threw them out and bought some I can only find at Wal-Mart, and they are like the select a size…..we love them!

  9. Jere Llewellyn says

    I can’t believe the Kleenex people can’t get the rotten stench out of the of Viva towels. Frankly, they smell like a stock yard or worse. Elmer, empty the mousetrap!
    I would never force my kids to wipe their noses with them. The guy at Consumer Reports must’ve had a head cold.

    They are great to wash the car but not the kitchen sink.

    I e-mailed Kimberly-Clark’s customer relation people about thisover two years ago. No reply.