28 January 2006

Serve-it-yourself cereal

Via Sara via Daily Candy: a countertop cereal "keg" kids can operate themselves. Put a small pitcher of milk on a low shelf in the fridge, a few spoons and plastic bowls in the cupboard, and they can make their own breakfasts! (And you get to sleep in?) A "Mom Tested" pick by Parenting magazine. Comes in single and dual models, and in several colors.

Of course, there's a simpler and cheaper solution. From my wise-mama cousin Leslee:

When Alanna was old enough to open the fridge by herself (3-ish), I set up her breakfast so she could feed herself. On the bottom shelf, place a bowl of cereal, a small cup of milk, and a spoon. All she had to do was pour the milk into the cereal, and – voila! – breakfast! She carried it to the table and ate it, often spilling a bit on the floor, but that was a small price to pay for sleeping in. Ah…precious sleep. ‘Course it also helped that she could work the TV and VCR herself.

VCR? Bah! Get TiVo!

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But this would eliminate the fun of watching our one-year-old dig a box of cereal out of the low cupboard and tote it around the house with it under one arm eating a handful of cereal out of the other.

Well, that and that this looks like it wouldn't even last a single morning in our house with five cereal eaters.

I've got to admit, after seeing these in hotels and such I am constantly tempted.

I flagged this email from Daily Candy as soon as it came into my own Inbox. I saw these a few years ago and have been coveting them ever since! We're totally getting a couple of these sometime this year.

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