Secrets of organized families

ParentCenter’s Secrets of Organized Families has been tops on for a while now (along with, ahem, Parent Hacks), but it’s worth mentioning here as well. Excellent de-clutter and organizing tips for every room in the house, and tips on attitude change as well.

An aside: Notice how Flylady makes a strong showing in the comments of the ParentCenter article? Shining one’s sink may sound nutty at first (as Emily said in her comment on the Parent Hacks Flylady post), but it tends to have a domino effect on the kitchen, and then the rest of the house. Her system isn’t for everyone (no hack ever is), but if you’re willing to give it a shot for a few weeks, you’re sure to take away something useful. Flylady herself exhorts her “flybabies” to improvise and adapt the system to their particular lifestyles.

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