Parent Hacks admin: Full feeds coming soon!

[Feed subscribers: please click through to Parent Hacks for important info in the rest of this post.]

Good news for the RSS and email subscribers among you: in a few days, the Parent Hacks feed will contain full-text posts. Several of you have requested full feeds and we’re happy to oblige. You’ll notice a small text ad wedged between every three feed items — part of our effort to get Parent Hacks to, eventually, foot its own bill.

Be sure your feed readers are pointed at our Feedburner feed:


If your reader currently grabs the feed from another location, it’s likely to break once we switch to full text. Email subscribers don’t need to do anything — full text will appear as if by magic!

At this point, we’re not able to offer Parent Hacks comments as a feed, so we hope you’ll click through to see the responses to the posts — they’re often more useful than the posts themselves.

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